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Be Grateful, Be Generous and Be Prepared

by Beth on July 21st, 2011

In my last blog I discussed the first 2 principles for gaining confidence that Tim Sanders shares in his book, Today We Are Rich. Here are 3 more:

The third principle is gratitude. Tim explains that gratitude is like a muscle that needs to be exercised daily. It takes effort to notice and appreciate what is good in life. One way to feel grateful is to think about a time in your past when you had less to be thankful for. My favorite suggestion is to turn “have-tos” into “get-tos” by reframing obligations as opportunities.

The fourth principle is giving. According to Tim’s grandmother, giving is a wonder drug. It makes you feel better because you are focusing on other people’s needs and on your own assets, thus taking your mind off of your weaknesses. When you give what you feel you lack your subconscious perceives there to be a surplus. So the next time you are stressed because you don’t feel like you have enough time, make a point to give some of your time to someone else. This sounds a bit crazy, but it seems to work!

The fifth principle is preparation. When people are prepared they are more resilient in the face of difficulties and more proactive when shown opportunity. Tim mentions many ways to be prepared such as reading, networking, mentorizing (having and being a mentor at the same time), and self-educating.

He also believes strongly in rehearsing for performances (i.e. speaking, meetings, proposals) both physically in front of a mirror and mentally through visualization. Rehearsal allows your subconscious to do some of the work so that you are free to observe, adapt, and better handle distractions or objections. Tim warns against the busywork trap when we pursue mindless activities instead of more difficult prep work. I’m pretty good at falling into this one!

Next blog: find confidence and keep your promises!


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