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Terrific September Tweets

by Beth on October 4th, 2011

Here are my favorite tweets from September:

1. Loveliest thing I’ve seen in ages — 7 rare Dr. Seuss stories brought to light via eBay scavenger hunt via @brainpicker. I loved seeing that long lost Dr. Seuss stories, discovered in magazines from the 40s and 50s, have now been published.

2. A true love fest – Desmond Tutu to Aung San Suu Kyi: I love you! via @CabreraAngel. The Clinton Global Initiative arranged a video conference between Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi, a Noble Peace Prize winner who has been under house arrest in Myanmar for years. It is a conversation worth watching!

3. Does fear of vulnerability explain our culture of cruelty? via @boxofcrayons. This is a very interesting explanation of how cruelty may be the result of people’s fears.

4. 12 Most Important Things We All Can Control via @iannarino. We can stay more positive by focusing on the things we can control.

5. The Power Of Language: 5 Wicked Words Sabotaging Your Success, Turn passive words into powerful actions via @LeaderChat. The words we use shape our experiences. Here are some good ideas for using more powerful, action-oriented language.

6. 3 Reasons to Kiss Being Perfect Goodbye! via @ErinSchreyer. The pursuit of perfection prevents us from being happy. We should aim for excellence instead.

7. Why Success Always Starts With Failure via @BobCorlett. Success comes through trial-and-error. The key is not to be afraid to try, to recognize mistakes when we make them, and then rapidly adapt.

8. Want productive employees? Try loosening the reins for a day via @Manage_Better. I love the idea of giving employees free time to work on whatever they want. This has led to some of the greatest innovations.

9. What If You Don’t Love Your Work? via @shawmu. Focus on the positive! Good advice for intentionally looking for what you do love about your work.

10. To Do Our Best Work, We Need Time to Play via @AMAnet. Taking time off from working on a problem triggers creative thinking. Vacations and breaks are necessary for people to do their best work.

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