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5 Steps for Inspiring Excellence

by Beth on February 4th, 2012

In his book, Shine, Ed Hallowell describes five steps that managers can take to ignite peak performance in their employees. His ideas are based on research from neuroscience and positive psychology. I think the suggestions Ed gives for bringing out the best in your people are spot on, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Select: People are more likely to perform at their best when you select them for a job or task that 1) they are good at, 2) they like to do, and 3) that adds value to the project or organization. This means that managers should consider people’s strengths when selecting them for tasks or projects.

Connect: Peak performance is more likely to be achieved when people have the support of positive relationships. Workplaces that foster positive relationships are characterized by trust, openness, optimism, authenticity, and positive energy. Managers should share information freely, encourage participation in decision-making, focus attention on what is going well, express appreciation, and provide support.

Play: Play is any activity in which the imagination gets involved. Managers who value play and encourage their employees to play will stimulate their creativity. New ideas and innovative thoughts enhance performance.

Grapple and Grow: Peak performance is sustained when managers help their employees achieve mastery. People are motivated to work hard when they are challenged by tasks that matter to them. It gives them a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Shine: Shine is the reward people gain when they work hard to achieve meaningful results. Managers should notice and praise success. Recognizing employees for having made a difference unleashes energy, creativity, loyalty, and commitment.

Would you like to help your people maximize their potential? Follow these five steps to create an environment where people shine.

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