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Positivity can Enhance Emotional Intelligence

by Beth on March 15th, 2012

Emotional intelligence has a strong positive impact on job performance. In fact, it is estimated to be twice as important for performance as IQ.

So what exactly is emotional Intelligence? It is the ability to identify and manage emotions, which requires:

1)    Self-awareness – the ability to recognize your own emotions.

2)    Self-management – the ability to control your own emotions.

3)    Social awareness – the ability to diagnose the emotions displayed by others.

4)    Relationship management – the ability to respond appropriately to the emotional cues of others.

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed. So one way you can improve your performance is by learning to be more emotionally intelligent.

It turns out that some of the practices that increase positivity also increase emotional intelligence. Here are a couple of examples:

Mindfulness – Being more mindful helps you increase awareness of your own emotions and recognize other people’s emotions as well. You will be more attuned to your own feelings when you are paying attention to what is happening right now. Present moment awareness also makes it more likely that you notice signs that reveal the emotions people around you are experiencing.

Meditation – Meditation is an effective practice for reducing stress and you are much better at controlling your own emotions when you are calm. Lower levels of stress and anxiety also make you less likely to respond inappropriately to other people. Loving-kindness meditation can increase your compassion for others, which increases your concern for how they are feeling.

The next time you practice mindfulness notice not only how you are happier because it puts the breaks on negative emotions, but also that it helps you to be more attuned to what you and those around you are feeling. And if you give meditation a try you will see that you are calmer throughout the day. As a result you will experience more positive emotions and you will be less likely to overreact to situations or people that cause you frustration.

Both happiness and emotional intelligence lead to success, so what are you waiting for? Why not give mindfulness or meditation a try?

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One Comment
  1. As Mark Twain once said…
    “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. The really great make you feel that you too can become great.”
    Positive people help you grasp your dreams. Negative people seize them from you. Positivity and optimism are contagious and unfortunately, so are negativity and pessimism. I used to work with a lot of people who have, to put it nicely, negative attitudes.
    Everyday being around them I feel like I’ve aged and grown bitter to the world just by being around these people. These are the type of people that drag you down; I found it very difficult to maintain a positive and happy outlook when you’re enclosed by pessimists and people who look for the worst.

    I actually wrote a full article on my blog , please feel free to check it out my other inspirational articles.

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