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Together We Can

by Beth on May 13th, 2019

The well-being of our planet has a direct impact on our own well-being. Climate change is bad for our physical and mental health. The good news is there are hundreds of small things that we can do help our planet by living more sustainably.

Many of these changes are really easy, yet people don’t take action because they believe one person can’t make a meaningful difference. They are mistaken. While it is true that companies and government policies must change in order to address our climate crisis, it is also the case that large-scale movements often start with changes in individual attitudes and behaviors.

When people become concerned enough about an issue to take action, their actions influence those around them. Social norms are powerful. We don’t run when we see smoke, we run when we see others running. In one study people who were told that 30% of Americans had recently started eating less meat were twice as likely to order a meatless lunch. The odds that someone will buy solar panels for their home increase for each house in their neighborhood that has solar panels.

As more and more people choose to live sustainably, more and more will do the same. This will lead to a tipping point where there is so much demand for clean energy, electric cars, organic food, eco-friendly products and packaging, etc. that companies will have to respond. And candidates who want to get elected will have to support environmental policies.

I urge you to take action and to share what you are doing with others. Here are some ideas to get you started. It takes individuals taking action to start a movement. Let’s make living sustainably as common as wearing your seat belt.

Together we can create a ripple effect that transforms the world!

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