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Learning Critical for Realizing Potential

by Beth on September 8th, 2010

“To become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
People long to identify and fulfill their purpose in life.  Maslow called it self-actualization, wanting to become all that we are capable of becoming.  One of the most critical steps toward realizing our potential is learning.  Learning helps us to identify what our purpose or passion is and it allows us to stretch our limits in order to reach our potential.

Proyecto SALTA is a training program that will help women micro-entrepreneurs in Peru to realize their potential.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been a part of the team that designed the training program.  Our team included Dr. Christine Pearson, Kellie Kreiser, India Borba, and myself from Thunderbird School of Global Management and Giancarlo Cafferata and Miriam Vasquez from Aprenda.  Aprenda, one of Latin America’s leading training companies, will deliver the program to 100,000 women in Peru over the next 3 years.  The SALTA program was launched in June and over 2,000 women were trained during the first week!

My favorite part of the training is a telenovela that was incorporated to reinforce the concepts being taught.  Click here to watch the trailer: El Gran Salto (The Big Leap)

SALTA means “to jump” in Spanish.  This program will help thousands of women make a huge leap forward, providing them with a learning opportunity that will move them one step closer to fulfilling their potential.

None of us can realize our potential if we aren’t continuously learning.  What have you learned lately that is moving you forward?  Do you provide continuous learning opportunities for your employees?  They will find more meaning at work if they feel they are fulfilling their purpose.  Positive workplaces offer opportunities for people to develop their potential.

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