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Tips for Spotting Strengths

by Beth on March 10th, 2011

Using your strengths is a great way to boost your positivity.  So do you know what your strengths are?  There are on-line inventories that you can take to identify your strengths.  But there are also clues that can help you spot your strengths on your own.  Below are some signs that you are using one of your strengths.

Enjoyment: You typically enjoy doing what you are good at.  It can be very satisfying to use one of your strengths to meet a challenge.  Being so engaged in an activity that you don’t notice the passing of time is a good sign that you are applying a strength.  What do you enjoy doing?

Ease: Another clue to your strengths is the ease with which you can do something.  When you are good at something you tend to pick it up pretty quickly.  Can you think of a time you tried to learn something new and it just seemed to come naturally?  You figured it out with little effort?  Rapid learning is a good sign that you were using one of your strengths.

Energy: Probably the biggest difference between using a strength and using a weakness is that using a strength energizes you while using a weakness drains your energy.  You feel invigorated when you are applying a strength.  As a result, you tend to put tasks that draw on a strength at the top of your to-do list and they are often the ones you finish first.

Excellence: A final tip for spotting a strength is something you do extremely well.  When you really excel at something you can be pretty sure that you are using a strength.  Repeated patterns of successful performance are one of the clearest signs of a strength.

Try using these clues to see if they help you identify a strength you weren’t aware of.  And if you do discover a new strength, make sure you find ways to use it as often as you can.

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