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Choosing “Less but Better”

by Beth on February 12th, 2019

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about choosing one word or idea as a theme for the year. This year my word is “less”. Instead of making a list of all the things I intended to do, I resolved to dedicate 2019 to choosing less.

I’ve always appreciated simplicity. I really do believe that less is better! So here are some of the things on my 2019 list of less:

  • Owning less. Every February I do spring cleaning. I never understood why people would want to be cleaning out their closets on a beautiful spring day! I wrote a blog in 2012 about the joy of de-cluttering. This was long before I learned about the KonMari method, but this year I’m following Marie Kondo’s suggestion to consider whether my possessions spark joy. My criteria for keeping something used to be whether I might need it someday. Considering how much I really like it has made it a lot easier to get rid of things.
  • Doing less. I used to love crossing things off my to-do-list. The more I did each day the better I felt. Well those times are over! This year I’m embracing Essentialism: the pursuit of less but better. Instead of trying to get more done, I’m focusing on doing what really matters. Each day I make sure I have time to go for a long walk, meditate, or connect with someone I care about. Like only keeping things that bring me joy, I’m deliberately choosing to eliminate nonessentials so I can work on projects that inspire me.
  • Using less plastic. I was so moved by the National Geographic issue “Planet or Plastic” that I took the pledge to use less plastic. I bought Etee wraps to use instead of saran wrap, I never use straws, I rarely drink from plastic bottles, and I don’t use lids. Not using lids means you don’t need straws, but do be careful when riding in the car! All of these are small things, but each time I make a choice not to use plastic I feel I’m doing good. 
  • Eating less sugar. Over a decade ago I started eating fewer bad carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and potatoes. The past couple of years I’ve made a point of eating less red meat. My focus this year is sugar. I know, my husband often reminds me that sugar is a carbohydrate, but it was so hard to eat less of my beloved bread and potatoes that I conveniently excluded candy and desserts from the category. This year I’m trying my best to eat less sugar.

What about you? Want to join me in embracing less but better? Maybe you’d like to spend less time scrolling through social media or in meetings that aren’t necessary. Where could choosing less make a positive difference in your life?

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