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About Beth Cabrera

Beth is passionate about helping individuals and organizations apply knowledge from the field of positive psychology to achieve greater success and well-being. Her focus is on how to close the knowing-doing gap for positive behavior change.

She works with companies to help them create and maintain positive work environments where people thrive. She also teaches individuals strategies for living happier, more meaningful lives. Her approach is extremely effective in developing leaders, building teams, and advancing careers.

Dr. Cabrera’s expertise was gained through years of experience teaching, conducting research, advising organizations, and coaching individuals on how to maximize engagement and performance. Her research has been published in leading academic and professional journals.

After earning her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Cabrera joined the faculty of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, one of Spain’s top universities. Upon returning to the States she continued her academic career as a professor of management at Arizona State University. She was a Senior Research Fellow at Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Senior Scholar at George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. In 2009, Beth founded Cabrera Insights, a leadership development company.

A dynamic professional speaker, Dr. Cabrera is available for keynote presentations and workshops.

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