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Beat the Holiday Blues by Practicing Positivity

by Beth on December 13th, 2010

The holidays are a festive time of year when families come together and everyone is happy.  Or not.  The truth is that for many people the holidays can be a time of stress, even sadness.  Below are four key strategies for boosting positivity that can help you avoid the holiday blues.

1)    Relationships – The strength of your relationships is one of the keys to happiness.  Spending time over the holidays with family members that you rarely see provides an excellent opportunity to nurture your relationships.  Try really connecting with them by asking questions and listening carefully to their answers.  You will learn more about them while also making them feel appreciated, both of which will strengthen your relationship.

2)    Attitude – The holidays are a time to enjoy being together with family.  So make an effort to minimize conflict by choosing to have a positive attitude.  In the spirit of the holidays put petty differences aside.  If there is a family member with whom you tend to have arguments, decide ahead of time not to get upset, not to let what they say get to you.  You can’t change them, but you can change how you respond.  You can break negative family dynamics by choosing not to engage.

3)    Savoring –  The holidays are a perfect time to savor the present moment, which is another happiness boosting strategy.  Watch peoples’ faces as they open their gifts.  Stop and listen to carolers as they sing.  Smell the aroma of the delightful treats cooking in the oven.  Lose yourself for a moment as you look at the decorations on the Christmas tree.  Enjoy the tight hug of a loved one.  Don’t miss a thing!

4)    Gratitude – The holidays are also a time to be thankful for family, friends, fudge, eggnog, lights, music, faith, etc.  So as you savor the moment, give thanks for it as well.  Take time during the holidays to count your blessings.  And go a step further to express your gratitude to others.  Will you see a family member to whom you are grateful?  What a perfect opportunity to let them know!

Don’t let the holidays get you down!  You have the power to beat the holiday blues by being intentionally positive.

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